A Thoughtful Response

So this post was brought on by the modern equivalent of the leaflet: Twitter. Peter Boghossian’s Twitter, to be precise. Now, some of you might immediately groan, but of my extremely limited readership (Hi, mom! Just kidding; my mother doesn’t read this), most probably will just say “Who’s that?” Short answer: He’s a philosopher. Let’s move on, though, because the purpose of this post isn’t to talk about him, but rather to talk about this article by Ben Shapiro. Continue reading


2017 is a new year, and a whole new world. Not in the Aladdin sense. When’s the new and improved show starting, you might ask? Soon!

Session 111917

A session, how about that?!

We’re not up to full “soft-reboot” status yet, but nonetheless we’re up and running with another session with the inimitable Eddie and Alexx West. This week they talk a little politics, a little Lethal Weapon, and Eddie says his most controversial opinion ever!

Session 9: Travel and Bananamania!

This week, Alexx and Eddie talk about travelling in the age of the TSA.

Then they talk about the bananaman himself’s new filum, “The Atheist Delusion“.

Also, the audio is…better? Maybe? Give feedback! We have no idea what we’re doin’!

Session 8.5: Triage

This Session, Eddie has a rant on politics (What a twist!). The episode was recorded in the middle of last week, I just couldn’t edit it until now…the warning about the possibility of delaying Session 9 wound up applying to Session 8.5, too. Whoops! So this one’s getting posted a little “early” to make up for it. The text of the rant (except for a few ad-libs) is at Eddie’s website.

Any input on this week’s audio would be appreciated…still working on that! Someday we’ll have real equipment. Someday….

I make no promises about Session 9, but the hope is that we’re back on schedule, which means it should go up Saturday.

Session 8: Beaches, Be Hunting Ghosts

This week, Alexx and Eddie talk about beaches…they be crazy, amirite? Outerwear, victorian bathing, and respect for authority vie with discussions about the sandpaper-esque ocean, the cruel mistress that’s out to get Eddie. Then, they move on to and review the new Ghostbusters movie! Show ran long enough that that whole “philosophical thing” Eddie mentioned in the point-five will have to get pushed off to next week, which promises a segment-heavy session.

As always, if you wanna fight about it, find us on the web at NonsenseDebris.com, on the facebook at the Nonsense Debris page,  or on twitter @DoctorMoonSmash.

Session 7.5: Twits and Trolls

Eddie sits down by himself to handle the short episode, where he rants about being a dick for no reason, because he’s an expert on the subject. He also gives a shout-out to a listener who posted on the show Facebook, and gives a little TMI on the origin of his name.

Session 8 is on track to be on time, this weekend!

Session 7: Prime-al Cockfighting

This Session, Alexx and Eddie talk about the Michael Vick simulator called “Pokemon Go”, and about rampant consumerism and Amazon Prime. It’s fun times, even if it’s a short episode, and most importantly, it’s up on time!!!!

We’ll see everybody next week…the plan is to talk Battlebots and Ghostbusters and…other stuff, I assume?

Session 6.5: Arkvark

Eddie tiredly rambles a bit in this week’s mini-episode. Did he record a couple versions and hate them all, but get progressively more tired, ensuring each new one would be worse than the last? Yes, yes he did.

But did he manage to get it up on time? You’re damn skippy!. Listen to him rant and rave about the Ark Encounter, the Green Party, and someone who let Jesus take the wheel.

Session 6: Dinosaurs, Hive-minds, and Pee Wee

Woo! Keeping to a schedule, what whaaaaaaaaaat!

This session, Eddie and Alexx tackle the Cabazon Dinosaurs, a dozen random tangents, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Rick and Morty, and the novel Join. That’s a lot of topics!


The Cabazon Dinosaurs website

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Rick and Morty on Adult Swim!

Join (The novel)