Episode 4.5: Correction and Listener Feedback

This session, Eddie tries to record without melting in the heat, apologizes to an entire state for being unwarrantedly snarky, then moves on to some further thoughts on the whole “shooty-bang-bang” thing that people are arguing over lately.

A few links about the statistics Eddie talked about:

These are just a sampling, taken at almost-random. The numbers are pretty clear, though.

On a side note, we really wanted to find a good philosophical defense of the second amendment, particularly since that was the point Eddie hit on: That the pro-gun side has a better position of conceptual principle. But, in keeping with the fact that all politics is garbage, there wasn’t a really good link. But Eddie’s confident they exist, if too lazy to spend hours looking for them. So, listeners (either of you), if you’ve got a good one, be sure to post it here in the comments or on the facebook page, and you may win a no-prize of your very own.

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